Masjid Expansion

Alhumdulillah the construction for the Masjid expansion has started. Please take a note of the following changes and use extreme caution while in the Masjid and stay away from construction debris and any protruding items. Please keep your children with you at all times and keep them away from the construction area.

  • The restrooms have been demolished. Even though there are alternate restrooms and Wadu arrangements, we recommend doing your Wadu at home and then come to Masjid.
  • The walkway and handicap ramp to the Masjid main entrance has been demolished and entrance has been fenced off. Please enter from the school side and use the sidewalk along the children playground.
  • The ladies and middle entrances to the Masjid are temporarily closed (At least for tomorrow) so use the men entrance. We may open up another entrance from the Cafeteria to the  Ladies prayer hall.
  • The size of Men and Ladies prayer halls have decreased due to the space created for the new restrooms so Masjid capacity has reduced temporarily until the new addition is completed.
  • The Air conditioning of the Masjid is not working at full capacity so please be patient until it is taken care of.
  • Because of the reduced capacity of Masjid, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT PEOPLE CONSIDER COMING FOR SECOND JUMMAH PRAYER. (Khutba at 4 pm, salat at 420 PM).

We highly appreciate your cooperation and patience. Together we will make this project successful.

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